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Will Public Libraries Become Extinct?

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This is an issue that seems to come up again and again in regards to libraries, particularly public libraries, and it’s a great place to start our group blog. To quote Richard E. Rubin, “Libraries are not important; they are essential.” (Hancock, page 3) Libraries are conduits of information, whether it be in book form or electronic. All of this information would be out there with no way to access it if it weren’t for libraries. With the start of the Boston Public Library, public libraries opened to serve citizens and grant them access to information for both knowledge and pleasure.

Libraries also work very hard to make sure books and information are available for all people. It’s easy for someone like Mr. Bodnick to say it’s easier to buy an e-book than to make a trip to the library. But what about people without e-readers and computers? Should they be unable to access the same books and information as others who are able to afford such luxuries? It’s a very close-minded view to have. Conquering this “digital divide” we have is another reason public libraries are so essential.

I love Ms. Friedman’s line in the above article, “Libraries will die, because they were killed by people who never used them.” The public doesn’t seem to realize the resources libraries can and do offer. This is a fight librarians must fight every day of their lives. “Advertising” on social media like Facebook and Twitter is essential for reaching out to a new generation of library users. Libraries offer classes and training when the government offices that used to run these programs are shut down. Without libraries, societies will not mature, they will become stagnant. Information will not be organized or accessible. We as a society cannot allow this to happen.


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October 3, 2012 at 2:31 pm

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